We are happy to announce our new listing syndication partnership with SharpLaunch

We have an exciting partnership to announce. We will now be allowing the syndication of listing from SharpLaunch, the all-in-one commercial real estate marketing software for the CRE industry.

The partnership provides our members with the ability to pull listings that they are currently managing in SharpLaunch into their Brevitas account.

Any SharpLaunch customer can opt-in to have their sales and lease listings automatically display in the Brevitas marketplace free of charge. The process is done through a syndication that is enabled from your SharpLaunch account.  Customers to benefit from wider distribution without the hassle of having to manage and update listings from multiple platforms.

About SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for commercial properties. It provides an easy-to-use suite of marketing tools specifically built for CRE building owners, asset managers, and brokers who want to improve asset visibility, streamline marketing activities and save time.

Setting up the syndication

To enable your listings to be syndicated from your SharpLaunch account into Brevitas, please log in to SharpLaunch and enable Brevitas Syndication in your account settings.

If you aren’t currently using SharpLaunch, you can find more information about their service below.

For more information visit:  https://www.sharplaunch.com

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