24 Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the Industry

Technology is becoming so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget how huge its effect is upon our productivity and performance. CRE has changed dramatically in the last few years, thanks to technology companies that tailor their products to our industry, and from the looks of things they’re just getting started.

While few would argue that tech tools are beneficial, they’re still just catching on with the CRE industry. A recent survey showed only 27 percent of responding professionals use sites such as RealMassive, LoopNet and CoStar to find or list commercial real estate space, and 18 percent use e-mail marketing programs.

Often the reason given for failing to make use of technology tools in CRE is a lack of time to select and learn to use relevant applications and platforms. There are a massive number of tools from which to choose, so it can be very helpful to have a general idea of what the best of them can do for you.

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3 Commercial Real Estate Technologies to Keep an Eye on in 2016

commercial real estate technologies

Developments in tech tools for commercial real estate have been coming hard and fast for the last few years. Adoption of commercial real estate technologies improve efficiency, accuracy, security, access, and transparency.

CRM platforms have become an essential tool for handling contacts, scheduling, transactions, and property management tasks. They streamline routine processes and enable customer service to reach levels that weren’t possible before.

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Buying a Property Sight Unseen? These 3 Property Tech Tools Will Help


There was a time when buying real estate sight unseen was considered a very poor business practice indeed. Relying on the seller’s description, and possibly some photos was foolhardy, in a word, before the technology developed that now makes it a viable option. We look at some property tech tools that can help. 

CRE deals are being conducted without regard for geographic distance, thanks to that technology. Connections are vastly easier, and most transactions can be conducted electronically: from property listing to due diligence to contract signing.

Some specific devices and systems have been particularly useful for buyers who need to get details and clear information on a prospective property but can’t travel there in person.  Using these tools, it’s possible to make a well-informed decision on the purchase of a property you’ve never laid eyes on.

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6 CRE Technologies of the Last Decade that Changed the Industry

CRE Technologies

It may have taken a while, but the CRE industry has begun to exploit the possibilities of technology, working more efficiently and with a more informed position than ever before.

Tech startups have turned their talents to CRE Tech in a big way over the last several years, and there are platforms and apps to address every aspect of the business. Venture capitalists have poured millions into companies developing tools to solve problems and increase efficiency in investment, property management, marketing, and the due diligence process.

As the expectations of our customers change, it’s become mandatory to incorporate technology into CRE wherever possible. It increases reach, speeds routine procedures, and ultimately improves service and performance overall. Some innovations stand out as particularly useful, and we discuss these below.

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4 Ways Technology Makes International Property Investment Easier

International property

In the past, no one in their right mind would have considered making a major international property investment without personally inspecting the site and meeting personally with the seller. This made investing in foreign properties difficult. International real estate investment was once reserved for highly connected entities with deep pockets. Smaller investors and those just entering the international arena didn’t have access to the most attractive deals, and the complexities of investing solo kept many out of the game.

However, over the last decade CRE has increasingly taken advantage of digital tools and platforms that remove those barriers. Technology is making it easier to make connections and identify opportunities in international real estate investment, in several ways.

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