An Inside Look At Off-Market Real Estate Investments

Many investors recognize the advantages of off-market real estate over listed properties, for a number of reasons. I have dealt with off-market sales for over six years and eventually built an online marketplace around private offerings, so I’ve heard every question and answer you can imagine. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics of what separates listed and private real estate deals.

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Living Walls are Breathing Life into Urban Real Estate: Here’s How

The most exciting trend in real estate is a growing, living thing – literally. Living walls are at the forefront of today’s most compelling design trends, and there are many reasons for this. You’ll see them at any number of places – high-end shops, trendy spas, upper-crust restaurants and hotels, intimate clubs, and pretty much anywhere looking to add some distinction to their design.

Here we’ll look at some of the benefits, the applications (both residential and commercial), the value that is added by using living walls, and how you – yes, you! – can create one easily, along with some of the best examples of living walls out there.

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What CRE Startups Can Learn from the Most Successful Tech Companies

The News Funnel

It’s an incredibly exciting time in the CRE tech sector. When I entered the field in 2011, it initially felt like a ghost town. Fast forward to today and it feels like Times Square!

Inevitably though, there will be a lot of pain coming in the CRE tech space as the sector experiences its first wave of failures, consolidation and distressed exits. I certainly plan to do all I can to make sure my site isn’t one of them 🙂 .

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24 Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the Industry

Technology is becoming so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget how huge its effect is upon our productivity and performance. CRE has changed dramatically in the last few years, thanks to technology companies that tailor their products to our industry, and from the looks of things they’re just getting started.

While few would argue that tech tools are beneficial, they’re still just catching on with the CRE industry. A recent survey showed only 27 percent of responding professionals use sites such as RealMassive, LoopNet and CoStar to find or list commercial real estate space, and 18 percent use e-mail marketing programs.

Often the reason given for failing to make use of technology tools in CRE is a lack of time to select and learn to use relevant applications and platforms. There are a massive number of tools from which to choose, so it can be very helpful to have a general idea of what the best of them can do for you.

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