These 5 Stats About Foreign Investment in US CRE May Surprise You

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Interest in U.S. properties from international investors has been strong since the financial crisis, and the rate of investment has been accelerating in the last couple of years.  We can see evidence of this in the industry news, and we hear stories from colleagues, but the full scope of foreign investment in American CRE is best demonstrated with a collection of statistics.

Read on for a snapshot of international activity in the market, and the factors that are helping to drive it. They may surprise you –at the very least they are food for thought.

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3 Commercial Real Estate Technologies to Keep an Eye on in 2016

commercial real estate technologies

Developments in tech tools for commercial real estate have been coming hard and fast for the last few years. Adoption of commercial real estate technologies improve efficiency, accuracy, security, access, and transparency.

CRM platforms have become an essential tool for handling contacts, scheduling, transactions, and property management tasks. They streamline routine processes and enable customer service to reach levels that weren’t possible before.

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Where Foreign Investment is Headed in 2016

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This has been a very strong year for foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. Nearly 20% of the total sales volume for CRE in the U.S. now comes from international capital. There are a number of factors that fuel this flurry of activity. Our economy is strong and stable, relative to other markets, and transactions are more transparent. Low interest rates and favorable spreads are attracting the attention of foreign investors with large amounts of capital to park in a safe place. Capital preservation and higher yields help to draw international buyers to the U.S. market.

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4 Traditional Real Estate Deal-Vetting Strategies That Still Win in a Digital World

Due Dilligence

CRE is a certainly brave new world, thanks to technology. Lets look at some early due diligence strategies used to vet deals. We can sign contracts and other critical documents without a pen, and then send them across the country instantly. We can look at a 3D model of a building we’ve never visited, and then see what the space might look like with specific changes in design.

While technology has radically changed many aspects of CRE, it isn’t likely to eliminate the need for due diligence. That time-honored practice that can’t be neglected, due diligence covers a laundry list of checks and verifications a buyer should complete before agreeing to the purchase of any property. It’s just as important as ever, and some of the strategies we used before technology became part of the business still work as well as ever. In fact, with our digital tools, due diligence can be more thorough and faster than it’s traditionally been.

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Brevitas Announces Collaboration With Embassy Group

Embassy group

SAN FRANCISCO, April 6, 2016 – Commercial real estate marketplace, Brevitas, announced its collaboration with one of India’s largest development companies, Embassy Group. The collaboration serves to further expand Brevitas’ presence in one of commercial real estate’s emerging markets. Brevitas is the leading online platform dedicated to off-market commercial properties. Membership is limited to qualified investors and brokers of commercial real estate assets from around the globe.

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3 Reasons Why Mixed-Use Developments are in High Demand in 2016

mixed use

Mixed-use developments have been on the radar for several years, and are increasingly attractive to both domestic and foreign investors. A subtle slowdown in the hot multi-family market may be attributed in part to a preference for the live/work/play environment, especially in urban markets.

Experts point out that as much as 33% of the population desires to live in a walkable, mixed use neighborhood, for a variety of reasons. The national supply of such developments is not nearly enough to meet that demand.

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Why Sell Off-Market? The Cost of Failure.

One week. Two weeks. A month. Two months. Three months.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. That’s the sound of a pocketbook getting lighter… and someone being fired. The age old adage “Time Is Money” is as accurate in real estate as anywhere else.

While most individuals who work with institutional-grade and flagship commercial real estate are keenly aware of the myriad reasons that assets are sold off-market, every now and then I am approached by an individual asking me why anyone wouldn’t publicly list an asset. I mean, if you are trying to sell something, you want to get it under as many noses as possible, right?

Not so. Not when the Cost of Failure in commercial real estate is so high.

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