The Best Non-CRE Tools for Commercial Brokers and Investment Teams

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In the CREtech world, we are all familiar with many of the different tools and products that are available to make work more efficient. In this post, we wanted to highlight some awesome tools that can be used by commercial real estate brokers and investors to help with their day to day activities.


This real time messaging app has taken the market by storm and is now being used by teams in every industry. The ability to create channels for select team members and topics allows for collaboration not provided by any other platform. Slack allows you to share any type of file and it also stores those files for future reference. Slack integration and bots are taking the platform to a new level. Tech teams can integrate tools such as intercom or pivotaltracker to keep management teams on top of all new developments and projects. Slack bots can do almost anything these days, take a look at Large to see the full range of capabilities.


This is an ideal tool for real estate brokerages who are driving potential customers to their websites, it allows you to engage those customers in a dynamic chat feature. Intercom is often used by applications to also track members and their log in habits.


Are you using social media? Don’t waste time posting your contact to each social platform one at a time. Buffer syndicates those platforms and allows you to share content to multiple platforms at once.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads should not be overlooked, traditionally seen as not an ideal platform for commercial real estate, facebook has created one of the most targeted ad platforms available. The ability to target customers down to their employer, geographic location, and interests are pushing the ad platform to be a direct competitor to Google Ads.


Do you want to re purpose your creative blog content? An infographic might be the best way to do that. Piktochart allows you to skip the expensive graphic designer and make infographics quickly and easily.


Investment teams and brokerages alike keep notes on potential deals, that can sometimes be difficult and cumbersome when all of that data is kept in a CRM. Evernote allows for shareable note taking that can include all types of files and team or business integration.


Trello is an easy to use project management software that separates itself by being visual and easy to use. Track things that need to get done and have been completed in a collaborative to do list format. Drag, drop, and discuss on Trello.


This conference call tool has quickly gained market share. They offer free conference calls that can be set up without a dial-in pin number. I’m sure all of you have experienced difficulties with these calls, this tool makes them easy.

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