5 Under-the-Radar Investment Markets to Keep an Eye On


Commercial real estate is enjoying a good run, with most sectors fully back in the saddle following the downturn of nearly a decade ago.  A piece in Institutional Investor sums up the situation neatly:

“In terms of property fundamentals, apartments were the first sector to recover, reaching new peak occupancy and rents in 2011… whereas industrial properties got back to peak occupancy in 2014 and hit new peak rents last year. The situation is more mixed for office and retail sectors: Office vacancies are coming down but are still elevated above the past peak levels, and retail is still really hurting, with little improvement in occupancy     and almost no gains in rents overall since the recession.”

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These are the 5 Most Exciting Neighborhoods for CRE Investment in the USA

The commercial landscape is ever changing, which is one of the things that keep it interesting. As new projects get underway, entire neighborhoods are energized and more new development is spawned.

Many times, all it takes to start a chain reaction is one bright idea that’s hatched at just the right time, when a neighborhood is ripe for rejuvenation. When that happens, investors are excited about being part of the change. The neighborhood becomes a hotspot for investment and further development. Here are some U.S. neighborhoods where change is afoot and opportunities are popping up like mushrooms after the rain.

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