24 Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the Industry

Technology is becoming so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget how huge its effect is upon our productivity and performance. CRE has changed dramatically in the last few years, thanks to technology companies that tailor their products to our industry, and from the looks of things they’re just getting started.

While few would argue that tech tools are beneficial, they’re still just catching on with the CRE industry. A recent survey showed only 27 percent of responding professionals use sites such as RealMassive, LoopNet and CoStar to find or list commercial real estate space, and 18 percent use e-mail marketing programs.

Often the reason given for failing to make use of technology tools in CRE is a lack of time to select and learn to use relevant applications and platforms. There are a massive number of tools from which to choose, so it can be very helpful to have a general idea of what the best of them can do for you.

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5 Hurdles When Purchasing Property From a Bank – REOs (and How to Bypass Them)


Particularly following the mortgage crisis of 2008, REOs have become an important segment of the real estate market and an attractive option for investors. Banks are not in business to manage property, so – in most cases – they are ready to make a deal and get foreclosed properties sold as quickly as possible.

Purchasing a bank-owned property has its own unique challenges and obstacles, but it can be well worth it to work around those. Understanding what the hurdles are is the first step in building your strategies for overcoming them.  Here are some of the hurdles that you can expect to encounter in purchasing property directly from the bank.

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These 5 Stats About Foreign Investment in US CRE May Surprise You

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Interest in U.S. properties from international investors has been strong since the financial crisis, and the rate of investment has been accelerating in the last couple of years.  We can see evidence of this in the industry news, and we hear stories from colleagues, but the full scope of foreign investment in American CRE is best demonstrated with a collection of statistics.

Read on for a snapshot of international activity in the market, and the factors that are helping to drive it. They may surprise you –at the very least they are food for thought.

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4 Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Attract International Investors

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International investors are a huge potential source of business for CRE. Foreign capital already represents over 20% of the total investment in U.S. commercial properties, to the tune of more than $100 billion last year. Certain real estate marketing techniques can help attract these buyers. 

These buyers are primarily institutional funds originating in Canada, China, and Australia, with significant activity from the Asian Pacific as well. China alone has about 2.7 million high-net-worth individuals (earning $1.5 million plus), and the upper-middle class in China includes about 60 million people.

These international investors tend to favor American properties due to the relative stability of our markets and the increasingly transparent deal-making process. Despite this interest there are unique challenges to marketing to these buyers.

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