12 Must-Follow CRE Tech Companies on Twitter

If there’s one thing we can all probably agree on, it’s that technology is changing nearly every aspect of our lives. In fact, we wrote a blog recently that covered some of the technologies that have significantly changed the CRE industry over the last decade. But, staying up-to-date on these changes doesn’t have to be hard!

Always have your finger on the pulse of the commercial real estate technology industry by following these #CRETech companies on Twitter. You can thank us later!

#1. Honest Buildings

Honest Buildings offers a project management solution that connects team members and provides tools for bid management, vendors and project comparisons.

#2. RealMassive

Making waves in the #CRE space, RealMassive is an open and connected marketplace that offers access, exposure and insights to commercial real estate players. They’ve also got 4.5 BILLION square feet currently listed.

#3. WiredScore

WiredScore certifies office buildings for their Internet connectivity —because, who doesn’t need to be connected?

#4. Matterport

Matterport dominates the 3D and virtual reality tour space with unbelieveable tour technologies that make sense for commercial and residential real estate agents like.

#5. Motionloft

Want to know real-time pedestrian and vehicle counts? Motionloft is your company. This information is critical for shopping centers, parking garages, and any commercial real estate space where traffic is a concern.

#6. CompStack

This free tool allows brokers around the country to upload information on CRE deals in a shared database. Their experts verify participants and check data for accuracy.

#7. Hightower

A big player in the end-to-end leasing management platform arena, Hightower provides real-time analytics and visibility into the performance of real estate portfolios.

#8. REscour

REscour collects internal and external data from more than 200 different types of data points to give unparalleled market insights to CRE professionals.

#9. PivotDesk

A big player in the shared office realm, the PivotDesk marketplace matches offices and unused spaces with companies who need it.

#10. Apto

Another player in the CRM space, Apto is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform specifically designed for commercial real estate.

#11. VTS

Not too long ago, everyone in the #CRE industry was talking about VTS’s ability to raise $55 million. They give asset managers & leasing teams a single platform to track deals, manage space & collaborate seamlessly.

#12. LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is the network for office space where startups and growing teams connect directly with real estate owners, operators and companies with extra space.

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